1959: The first human object on the moon Are these really signs of life? During his 1971 moonwalk, Apollo 14 astronaut Alan Shepard withdrew a six-iron to drive two golf balls into the lunar landscape. They arrived on the moon from the US and the Soviet Union, yes, but also India, China, Israel, Japan and Europe. As the Moon becomes more accessible to both national space programs and private The twists and turns of the last tracks left by humans on the moon crisscross the surface in this LRO image of the Apollo 17 site. “I can say that the flags have very likely suffered fading from ultraviolet light exposure,” he adds. Some of this equipment left on the Moon has even been used to commemorate the Moon landing. Here's a guide to what's up there. We've received your submission. Man has made many voyages to the moon and has also left all kinds of objects on her surface. BY Mental Floss UK. Apparently, we’re just as good at littering the lunar surface as we are our own planet. Tracks, Equipment Left By Apollo Missions Visible In New Moon Photos : The Two-Way Though not close-ups by any stretch of the imagination, the … From commemorative items honouring fallen astronauts to bags of human waste, here are some of the items that were left on the moon during the Apollo 11 … We found the explanations behind these, and a few extra items, completely fascinating. Will anyone notice, 100 feet away, something else Armstrong left behind? As Neil Armstrong and Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin began their return journey to Earth, they disposed of anything they didn’t need from the lunar module. Look for part three in November, and check out our archives for this story about Neil Armstrong and … 5 9 2 3 7 things left so far. 5 Amazing technologies of the future. Human beings have not colonized the moon or any other planets as yet. "You can … “I can still remember how it flashed in the bright sunlight then disappeared in the distance. The Moon is covered in everything from human waste to gold.