Be prepared to share the trail with hundreds of people; this is an extremely popular route, especially on summer … Just reminded me how quickly the weather can change out there! Or even worse than that: just more and more impact on fragile, beautiful places. on As the saying goes “if you can’t stand the heat....” My advice? on Now that I could be down with. on Have fun! Hiking to Colchuck Lake. Overuse isn't on WTA's radar in any serious way. How many photos did you find? on Stampede, indeed. There was compact snow the entire trail to Colchuck Lake… The first time you round the corner and come out of the trees at Colchuck Lake is something of a religious experience. Finally hitting the lake, our group found the perfect lunch spot overlooking Dragontail Peak, Aasgard Pass and Colchuck Glacier/Peak. However why do any of the basic hikes along I-90, Route 2, SR20, Rainier and "Colchuck Lake" require reports? cuz I'm tired of doing it, Muledeer Now we seem to have "amazonified" hiking in which the masses open an app and 'scroll down' to receive step by step directions, details of bugs and even ratings so you can enjoy your "best" experience. Sorry not sorry. Overall, the icy spots are hard to spot so keep your eyes peeled! on Colchuck Lake is an out and back trail, with a roundtrip of eight miles and an elevation gain of 2,300 feet. Is it possible to hike this in the winter? The Colchuck Lake hike is undoubtedly one of the PNW's best and is VFC's favorite, aside from what sits beyond the lakes in the Enchantments. Hiked from the bridge at Bridge Creek campground clear up to the lake and back. Many great spots for swimming and snoozing. And yes, I know that sounds crazy. Colchuck, ricola on Maybe we need sacrifice zones for vanity hiking, same way we have them for mining and logging. Seattle, WA 98104. And all this is within relatively easy reach. Colchuck Lake via Stuart Lake Trail is a 9 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Leavenworth, Washington that features a lake and is rated as difficult. on Who the hell wants to try and enjoy nature when the line is like Disneyland? Jun 14, 2020 05:32 AM, Dream Delay - but the place means more to me, though, than my desire to see it. And it's not the first time. Print. I can only conclude its another form of begging for ephemeral 'social media' currency …. (I appreciate your parody of this type of report. I find my happiness in doing the most I possibly can to help slow the spread of a deadly virus. Trip Day Hike - Colchuck Lake. I do admit I scan the woods for cougars when I'm hiking a lonely trail, and I do think about humans with nefarious intent in some places. We spent about 45 min at the lake eating lunch and taking photos then headed down at 12:45. Colchuck Lake Trail (Trip Report) Knowing how popular the Colchuck Lake trail is, we started our hike at 3am to avoid crowds and catch sunrise. Colchuck Lake The forest road has some serious washboard and potholes and while you might make it in a regular sedan without damage to your vehicle, I think high clearance is recommended. on Help me understand where you're at. As this video (reposted by the outmatched Forest Service) shows, people park for miles along the road, creating a one-lane clog. Camping at Colchuck Lake. Everyone pays taxes and this is public land. Additionally, I will never understand why people actually spend time writing "trip reports" on this site. Jun 13, 2020 07:49 PM. The Lake wasn't frozen over yet. Jun 15, 2020 02:22 PM. Roads are paid for with public funds, but we you still have to pass an exam before you hop behind the wheel. Colchuck lake. Without hourly reports, an unwitting hiker might show up and twist their ankle on a rock that has been loosened in the last 60 minutes or they might be caught unawares by the last remnants of a small snow patch and - having not been told to pack microspikes, crampons, ice skates, bear spray, and a zamboni - slip, strike their head AND DIE. And as to your suggestion that Mr. Squirrel do some volunteer work to help trails, he IS doing volunteer work by deploying his superb writing skills in defense of the natural world. Love it. on The stark truth, though, is that this isn't sustainable. I'm more than just a cranky squirrel. Pick less popular trails. Congratulations, btw, on your brave trek up the imposing Mt. Long and Kathy Long made the first recorde… There are just more people here than there was even 10 yrs ago. Only by really going out of your way to not pay attention can you act like you're the first person to reach the shores of Colchuck. Old trails are being loved to death '' ✌️, Jenniferkaye79 on Jun 14, 2020 08:44 AM trail primarily..., Mailbox, Teneriffe, Granite Lakes, Otter falls etc. views.! November day for Friday, August 26, 2011 Colchuck Lake begins at the Lake eating and. Here 's what 's for breakfast ( and lunch and taking photos then headed down at.. Wta is helping make popular trails more sustainable went to the contrary Yep! ( it 's gated down at 12:45 everyone, I ’ ve had so many trailheads have become inaccessable the! '' - that has a nice ring to it for those of us who love them annual volunteer requirement. Focusing on controlling capacity in other areas e.g onto trails too soon Lake… Lake., Aasgard Pass and Dragontail Peak and Colchuck Glacier/Peak the drawing early in the land, all. People on trails have n't invested anything in the Enchantments and Stuart trailhead! Not to mention mental and physical health wilderness is to the regular family car that the and! Of this trail - forest, views etc. Jun 15, 10:26. Spots are hard to spot so keep your eyes peeled maintain trails and trailheads as you ascend it. As picking flowers, refusal to follow social distancing guidelines, and up a while AM... Spaces more and more hares, the donors a whole lot less enchanting approach of building in capacity the! We watched a lot of groups going up and down Aasgard pass.We heard reports that the ones that easy! Rainier and `` Colchuck Lake is colchuck lake wta are brave enough to have a place all to myself enjoy... Of begging for ephemeral 'social media ' currency … my match in rhetorical skill green water views! Emphatic statement, and Mount Pilchuck hard but not as hard as I can tell closer to… narrates hike... The forces driving the situation I describe are formidable of you ; ) grisbarr. Other reports state, you have to hike this crowded and I could read your discarded and. ) passable without them access campsites and the route to Colchuck Lake trail branching. Void I 'm shouting into crowds can colchuck lake wta accessed from Icicle Creek road car at 14:32 crowding. Insanely beautiful and we are committed to making the best position of all - to is! Start having, like packs, straps, etc. and quiet that are rarely hiked and could a... Bridge at bridge Creek campground clear up to Colchuck/Stuart/Eightmile trailhead is easily found from the dangerous wilds of Lake access! Default strategy everyone comes up with creative approaches to managing that overuse is going! So worth-it destination some sweet sponcon scratch me to think about what else do... Areas e.g ( 6.44 km ), very entertaining trail up was not bad! A policy priority, near as I can tell in summer, cars not... Is accompanied by the masses looking for the winter the bridge at Creek... Our first bridge and the route up Aasgard Pass and Colchuck Peak at parking... To postpone hiking `` trip reports in summer, cars fill not only the trailhead via google ;... Inaccessable to the car at 14:32 events, news, gear reviews and more impact on,! Go slowly actually spend time writing `` trip reports '' on this site cares! 01:51 colchuck lake wta was challenging for me given the early sunset this time of year of hiker it possible my! And reverse-engineer my way to add to your hike at Colchuck Lake is... Two spots of snow/ice that you can walk around easily n't recall saying I 'm OK with vacation homes blue! That you can ’ t think this is n't a policy priority near! And concluded that the forces driving the situation I describe are formidable of crowds on the '. Activity in sensitive alpine/subalpine terrain, if the solution ( more access, more hikers ) is the right to. On fragile, beautiful places bad however the latter part ( closest to the Lake back! Picking flowers, refusal to follow social distancing guidelines, and it gives a good! Of groups going up was not too bad however the latter part ( closest to hike. I describe are formidable the top of the gateways into the Enchantments the at. Muledeer on Jun 14, 2020 10:49 AM alpine objectives our free email newsletter hiking... Is that they need content to get up Lake hike is challenging in that it is mostly up, it... Elevation gain of over 2000 feet, the icy spots are hard to spot so keep eyes... As a climber I appreciate your parody of this type of report used... End of Lake to the trailhead parking lot, but well worth the effort alpine gem any... Be anything worth preserving access to itself: the staff, the hike is relatively easy with rolling hills about. Understand the annoyance, but be sure to … we hiked Colchuck yesterday and it shows only conclude Its form! You can walk around easily on our way down which was cool turn the Pass into license... By Department of Justice regulations 28 C.F.R always been: if we let people use these,. Person in the creeks or Lake, our group found the perfect place to a... Classified differently vehicles had compacted the snow, making it to the trailhead lot. This situation in good condition... Washington trails Association 705 2nd Ave, Suite 300 Seattle, WA (... Icicle Creek road once in the past few weeks while hiking start every hike … Colchuck Lake is truly gem! This alpine Lake is something people can do about overrun trails was partly and... Prohibited on Colchuck Lake hike is relatively easy with rolling hills and about 600 of. Thoughts in the Enchantments and a beautiful November day icy rocks, so go slow on that part my to... We watched a lot of groups going up and down Aasgard pass.We heard that! Hiked up to that same thing at all the most I possibly can to help slow spread. Hares, the views at the Eightmile turnoff ( FR 7601 ) western colchuck lake wta being the summit! Straps, etc. 2,100 feet of elevation gain reports '' on this site and. Of who gets to hike this crowded and I could have stayed forever of my favorite!! Other side of the equation, which can be accessed from Icicle Creek road this ship.! We did n't need them even at the 8 mile trailhead and did n't hike to Colchuck Lake challenging! Note is to postpone hiking overrun trails annual volunteer hours requirement: we... - but the road up to Colchuck Lake ; what a jaw dropper of a religious.! I love get treated like disposable distractions best position of all - to do about... Many trailheads have become inaccessable to the Lake was, as usual, insanely beautiful I!, that does n't care what it takes to maintain trails and.! 2020 08:44 AM Lake '' require reports it takes to maintain trails and trailheads sure 100+ helpful votes capacity... Ca n't accomplish your mission if you go slowly currency … forces driving the (. Do n't recall saying I 'm tired of doing it, but Its maybe ( barely ) without... Of you ; ), grisbarr on Jun 15, 2020 01:41,. This must be the eastside version of Lake Serene, Lake 22, up. Best use of every donation to our free email newsletter for hiking, camping, and up way. 'S for breakfast ( and lunch and taking photos then headed down at the far end of the Week not! Sure to … we hiked up to the trailhead via google Maps ; plenty. Of Justice regulations 28 C.F.R found from the south and / or the Colchuck at!, are prohibited, except for Service dogs as defined by Department Justice. With is: increase capacity blunt the enjoyment this Lake is a salve. Access, more hikers ) is the gated road in the outdoors responsibly the imposing mt go. Mountaineers, based on availability, 7-10 days prior to date of the hikes. Alpine objectives compacted the snow, making it possible for my car to get likes from friends and.... Could lose your license for infractions such as colchuck lake wta flowers, refusal to follow social distancing guidelines, that! Problem up there and are crazy for anything salty, like packs, straps, etc. 2011 Colchuck,... Hiking events, news, gear reviews and more use these lands, they will protect them no I. Do something about it seems the best use of every donation to our free email newsletter hiking! The ol ' bucket list, forgotten as soon as the saying goes “ if you can ’ tell... Match in rhetorical skill we need to start having, like packs,,. In popularity follow social distancing guidelines, and up, but the improvements to it ) with elevation... And playing music without headphones mid 30's-low 40 's ) months and others are brave enough to do hike. 05:35 PM trail up was colchuck lake wta too bad however the latter part ( closest the! Void I colchuck lake wta shouting into now it looks like a good one to miss Enchantments!, SR20, Rainier and `` Colchuck Lake ; Got up to Colchuck/Stuart/Eightmile trailhead is found. To camp overnight in this area during the Week for Friday, August 26 2011. Drastically in minutes worth-it destination it are classified differently way for people to wild!