This DLC predated Zamasu's appearance in the American release of Dragon Ball Super by ten months and thus was the first time we heard the character's English voice actor. Zamasu (ザマス; Viz "Zamas"), also referred to as Black (ブラック, Burakku) was the name given to the former Kaiō of the north and Kaiōshin -in-training from the 10th Universe. Goku Black, sometimes known as Black or Zamasu, is a Saiyan character from Dragon Ball Super. With Goku, Future Trunks, and Vegeta defeated by the duo, the Resistance saves them and then the three of them flee to  the past. The odd part is Zamasu. In the series' original, unaltered timeline, Zamasu hijacked series protagonist Son Goku's mortal body using the Super Dragon Balls as part of his "Zero Mortals" plan to attain supreme power and wipe out all mortal beings. Zamasu is voiced by Shinichiro Miki in Japanese media. [9] Marsters has never provided confirmation as to whether he is involved with Dragon Ball Super as the English voice actor for Zamasu. 4. The manga depicts Infinite Zamasu as the splintered Future Zamasu and Goku Black each transformed on his own into an enhanced version of Fused Zamasu, as a cellular side-effect of their fusion, with their regenerative powers becoming advanced enough that Vegeta unintentionally created an army of Infinite Zamasus to overwhelm the heroes. Present Zamasu/Goku Black (left) and Future Zamasu (right), as depicted in the manga adaptation. Wormholes disappear as soon as Zamasu tags out. In order to defeat Goku and Vegeta, Zamasu creates a large energy sphere and launches it at the two Saiyans. !, Mirai kara no esuōesu!!) This takes place before his debut in Dragon Ball Super. Zamasu flies forward to deliver another punch, but Lucemon leaps off the wall and takes to the air while Zamasu's fists shatters the rock wall. They also appear in Dragon Ball Fusions. [9] Outlaw described his voice in the anime dub to be very similar to his friendly, dulcet tones for Goku, but noted as more sinister and twisted.[12]. While a man who cares for the development and prosperity of the universe, Zamasu often questioned the worth of mortals, not trusting in their ability to handle conflict as they were prone to commence war in a repeated cycle and not understanding that mortal life was key to the prosperity of the universe. "Black Turtle Destruction Wave"). Future Trunks aids Goku in his fight, Goku fought Black and Trunks fought Zamasu. Zamasu has light green skin, narrow eyes with gray irises, and a white mohawk. Zamasu (合体ザマス, Gattai Zamasu; Viz "Zamas"; Literally meaning "Merged Zamasu") was the Shinling Saiyan-half result of two timeline versions of Zamasu from the alternative present timeline, who is also known as "Gokū Black," while in Super Saiyan Rosé and his future self using the Potara earrings to combine into a single entity. Simply survive the time limit when fighting Black Goku and Zamasu. Zamasu's essence spreading throughout the Multiverse. With their newfound power, the duo exterminated all of the Gods in Future Trunks's timeline and destroyed the Super Dragon Balls so they could never be used to undo their actions. The venue was divided into several areas, with the mystery-solving event titled “Beat the Merged Zamasu!”. The next test requires you to complete more … Zamasu stopped Goku Black from using his Kamehameha, reminding Black of his promise to allow him to kill Goku. He wears a slim violet long-sleeve shirt, baggy blue pants, white boots, a dark grey Supreme Kai vest with yellow trimming, and a pale blue sash folded over his abdomen. Eventually, using the energy gathered from the people of Earth to charge up his sword. [43] Stefan Sgarioto from Madman Entertainment ranked Goku Black the sixth most memorable villain of the Dragon Ball series and praised the design of his Super Saiyan Rosé form. Zamasu was a racist dick, but he started out at least giving Gowasu the benefit of the doubt. Goku, Vegeta, Future Trunks, Bulma and Future Mai then returned to Goku's timeline. [41] Nick Valdez from thought Zamasu's elitism, which sees the character falling from grace through an initially noble idea, and his Goku Black persona helped him stand out over previous villains in the franchise. [32], Zamasu survives the death blow and transcends into a more dangerous form known as "Infinite Zamasu". He is recruited by Hearts and Fu alongside four dangerous criminals from the Prison Planet as part of their plot for revenge.[35]. However, Zamasu is the first villain to have intentionally killed Goku, whereas the previous two deaths were due to Goku being willing to sacrifice himself to save Earth. [19][20] Both the encounter and news of the present timeline's Zamasu inquiring about the Super Dragon Balls and Goku adds further depth to the mystery as Goku, Beerus, Whis, and the Seventh Universe's Supreme Kai stop him from murdering Gowasu with Beerus believing he solved the crisis by completely destroying Zamasu which would negate future versions of himself.[21][22]. This may be due to the fact that both of his components were technically separate instances of the same being (albeit with one possessing a different person's body). Goku Black and Future Zamasu are recurring villains in the Dragon Ball franchise, with them making their debut in Dragon Ball Super as the main villains of the Future Trunks Saga. There are two different timeline versions of him working together to kill all of the mortals in the multiverse - Goku Black and Future Zamasu. Each explosion does 350 damage and pops the … Goku then used the button to summon the Zen'O of Future Trunks's universe. Annoyed at Goku's carefree attitude and lack of respect, his distaste for the gods not quelling the dangerous nature of mortals evolved to a radicalism-level. There, Black revealed his origins to the Saiyans and two battle them, forcing Goku Vegeta and Bulma to retreat while Trunks holds the two Kaioshin off. CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' - 'Future Trunks Special Edition', "Akira Toriyama revela sua inspiração para criação de Goku Black", "Dragon Ball' Creator Breaks Down Merged Zamasu's True Power", "Dragon Ball FighterZ Welcomes The Unhinged God: Fused Zamasu", "Fans Are Convinced A 'Dragonball Evolution' Star Has Joined 'Dragon Ball Super, "Is A Former Buffy Star Secretly in Dragon Ball Super? !, Mirai kara no esuōesu!!) He also did not agree with how the Kais would not be more directly involved in mortals' actions, like the Gods of Destruction. [7][8] Sean Schemmel, who voices Goku and Goku Black, claimed in an interview that Funimation wanted to keep Marsters' involvement as a surprise. As the battle goes on, Fusion Zamasu's body starts to become horribly unstable as a result of both Goku Black's mortality and Zamasu's immortality contradicting each other, as well as Zamasu's undying hatred for mortals and the contradictions of the gods. I guess in a way, I'd say that Zamasu was marginally better, because he cared about something other than himself. In the anime, Infinite Zamasu is an incorporeal energy being while the manga version is an evolved form of Fused Zamasu, his regeneration ability becoming advanced enough to the point where he is capable of creating seemingly infinite fully grown clones of himself from each cell in his body within seconds, after both composite beings successfully and permanently merged at a cellular level. [23][24] It is later revealed that Black's Time Ring, which he claimed after murdering Gowasu, allows him to survive his past self's demise as he and Zamasu reveal their true origins, triggering Future Trunk's transformation into Super Saiyan Rage by revealing that their actions were made possible by his previous time travel. Supreme Kai of Universe 10. Both Black and Zamasu are, well, Zamasu. Zamasu is also extremely selfish, petty, narcissistic, vindictive, treacherous and highly hypocritical about his goals and views on mortals and how they should be dealt with. Both Goku Black and Zamasu possess several abilities including superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, and energy blasts, utilized by the use of ki. Zamasu is the 7th DLC character to be added to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. However, the three then realize Bulma forgot the seal to place on the pot, allowing Zamasu to break free. Zamasu wanted to eradicate all mortals across the universe and teamed with a counterpart of himself called Goku Black to complete the plan. Zamasu then attempts to attack Goku, but his attack is blocked by Beerus, who disintegrates him. After Goku Black merges with his alternate future self via the use of a pair of matching Potara earrings, the end result is the even more powerful Fused Zamasu, described as a mixture of incredible power with a deteriorating, yet immortal, body and unhinged mind. [3] Toei Animation Producer Atsushi Kido said Fused Zamasu is a "cheat" character for his massive strength, and that his one weakness could be that he was originally a single person.[4]. [14][15][16] Black momentarily engages Goku before being drawn back to the collapsing portal while destroying the time machine, realizing the fight has allowed him to become better accustomed to his new body. In battle, he is shown to be a very calm, regular, and methodical fighter, carefully perceiving his opponent's attack style and seamlessly countering in a fluid manner. - Cold Judgment - Prodigies - Dismal Future - Fear and Faith - Shattering the Limit Realm of Gods - Potara - Future Saga - Dragon Ball Seekers - Time Travelers - Inhuman Deeds x50 Future Zamasu also seems to have a deep hatred for Goku, as he considers killing him as his main goal and something only he should do (a trait his past counterpart is slowly developing). Zamasu then frees himself and inflates his body to give him more power. His original appearance is the same as his future timeline counterpart, being an above-average height Kai of slim built and green skin, and with a white Mohawk. Various sources have speculated on Goku Black's origins prior to the revelation of his true identity. However, the future version of Zamasu has truly fallen into the depths of evil, speaking of humans and of the Saiyans as "mere humans" who are inferior to him. Goku Black then traveled to Future Zamasu's timeline, killed the Gowasu there, and teamed up with Future Zamasu. After Zamasu tells him that they underestimated the true power of humans, the two fuse into Fusion Zamasu, with Zamasu proclaiming himself to be the most powerful god. Zamasu is depicted as a green-skinned humanoid with grey eyes and a white mohawk. Zamasu is the second Kai to turn evil. [44] Simon Alvarez from The Inquisitr praised the fight between Vegito and Fused Zamasu and considered it one of the best animated battle sequences in the Dragon Ball Super series. Goku first encounters Zamasu chronologically when he, Beerus and Whis go to see him and his master, Gowasu. [28] They two quickly return as the two versions of Zamasu nearly killed Future Trunks. Back in the present timeline, Present day Zamasu gets Gowasu some tea. He kills that timeline's Bulma after she gave her son the means to travel back in time to beseech the aid of Goku and Vegeta, momentarily pursuing him back in time through the Time Capsule's temporal distortion. [12] Schemmel indicated that he did not want to copy Nozawa's approach to portray Goku Black; instead, he wanted to emulate the English voice actor for Zamasu as he is supposed to embody the spirit of the same character, who happened to have taken possession of Goku's physical body. Zamasu (in Japanese: ザマス) is the main antagonist in the Future Trunks Arc of Dragon Ball Super. Generally, Zamasu is shown to be a very calm and methodical person, as shown in combat when carefully perceiving his opponent's attack style and seamlessly countering in a fluid manner. The Zamasu who stole Goku's body originally had an appearance identical to his counterparts. However, Vegito summons an energy blade of his own and impales Zamasu through his chest, informing him that he's not immortal because his body is fused with Son Goku's. He was the North Kaioh of the Tenth Universe but later Zamasu allied with Goku-Black because of their ideals after he killed Gowasu. [46], Schemmel's performance as Goku Black has been praised by series fans. Zamasu's primary approach into combating others is using his infamously dangerous Energy Blade. Whis later goes to the new alternate timeline he intends to send Trunks and Mai to warn that timeline's Beerus of Zamasu's intentions, thus making sure his plans never come to be.[33]. After stealing the original present Goku's body, it underwent physical changes. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. However, while searching for a Senzu bean, Goku came across the button Zen'O had given him to summon him at any time. "Instantaneous Movement", renamed "Instant Transmission" in FUNimation's dub)[13] as well as a variant of his signature move, the Black Kamehameha (ブラックかめはめ波, Burakku Kamehameha, lit. Gowasu is watching the fight between Goku and Hit on GodTube. Zamasu (ザマス), spelled Zamas in Viz Media's English localization of the Dragon Ball Super manga, is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball series. Despite this, he acknowledged his lack of personal experience and was willing to diligently listen to his teacher Gowasu's words. Dragon Ball Super Episode 62 English Sub However, Zamasu is not amused, and quickly casts Bulma aside. A Babari attacks the two, but Zamasu slices it in half, against Gowasu's wishes. [42] Joseph Ocasio from CBR ranked Goku Black and Zamasu as the best characters introduced in the Dragon Ball Super series and drew a comparison to Marvel Cinematic Universe character Thanos, a self-righteous "hero" who attempts to bring balance to the universe by getting rid of those he perceives the impure or unworthy. [41] Gibbs opined that Zamasu smartly planned ahead and exploited the most overpowered elements of the series that its own protagonists had ease of access to, such as Saiyan powers and the Dragon Balls, and argued that he didn’t really lose in the traditional sense since an entire timeline and all life in it had to be erased by Zeno in the process. from the manga. 1. Zamasu is written as a better villain He gains Goku's appearance after switching bodies with him, with only slight physical differences. Zamasu (ザマス), spelled Zamas in Viz Media's English localization of the Dragon Ball Super manga, is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball series. Goku Black and Zamasu combat Trunks while Goku and Vegeta return to the past, with Goku learning the Evil Containment Wave while Vegeta trains in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. [39][40] Jay Gibbs from ComicsVerse formed the view that Zamasu is the greatest Dragon Ball villain of all time. This Zamasu would later come to be known as Goku Black. At some point in time, Gowasu chose Zamasu, the North Kai of Universe 10, to be his successor, based on his battle talent. Remember that all the universes are in pairs. We Investigate", "SEAN SCHEMMEL INTERVIEW PART 2 of 2: LIFE AS GOKU, Career Retrospective, Debunking Myths, + more", "James Marsters Talks Runaways and Where Dragonball Evolution Went Wrong", "Dragon Ball Super : un acteur de Dragonball Evolution a-t-il secrètement doublé le méchant de la série ? Main article: Zamasu He was originally a version of Zamasu from the present timeline. He offers his hand to Zamasu, but the latter refuses. He is fairly tall and lean in build with pale green skin, gray irises, and a tall white Mohawk that curves forward to hang over the right side of his face. [6] Some sources have speculated that David Gray, along with Sam Majesters who is credited as Zamasu's voice actor in Dragon Ball FighterZ, are in fact the aliases used by American actor James Marsters, who previously played King Piccolo in Dragonball Evolution. When the two corrupt Kais merged, they form a dangerous entity who possesses both limitless power and immortality with an ego to match. [10][11], Goku Black shares the same voice actors as Goku in all media. Initially, they fight Fusion Zamasu evenly, though Zamasu appears to gain the upper hand when he knocks Vegito onto the ground and charges at him with an energy blade. Zamasu (as Goku Black) is the third villain in the series to kill Goku, after Piccolo and Cell. The two versions of Zamasu proceed to wipe out the other deities so nothing can interfere in them systematically exterminating all mortal life before reaching the Seventh Universe's Earth, believing that utopia could only be achieved for the multiverse by bringing about the annihilation of humanity and all other mortal beings which he views as corrupt and violent. Kofi Outlaw from noted that Schemmel's voice for Goku Black is very different in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and Dragon Ball FighterZ compared to his performance in the FUNimation dub, which was released after the video games. 3. Sensing something wrong with Zamasu's energy, Goku Black goes to see what's going wrong. He then arrives in Zuno's place in Universe 7 and asks him about the Super Dragon Ball's and Son Goku. David Gray is credited as the English voice actor for the FUNimation. In the anime, this is explained as a result of an unstable and uneven cellular regeneration as the fused being is composed of a mortal and an immortal. To which, he was a humble, ordinary, deferential, and level-headed man with just goals, as Gowasu noted by how well-balanced he would brew tea, implying that he was a just and honorable man. Fused Zamasu is the 8th DLC character to be added in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.He is the result of the union between Goku Black and Zamasu through the Potara earrings.. Whis then reveals Zamasu's true plan to Gowasu. [5] The resulting fusion is later revealed to be flawed as Fused Zamasu later degenerates into a grotesque appearance with the right half his body turning into purple sludge. Goku Black briefly appears in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' - 'Future Trunks Special Edition' and attempts to kill Trunks, but was stopped by Mai's intervention. While battling Goku and Future Trunks, he constantly speaks about how humans misuse their "god-given wisdom" for their own personal gain. The two fist bump and say "1000 years", transporting them to the future of Babari, where the planet's natives are fighting each other. Zamasu was originally the North Kai of Universe 10. Zamasu was worse in terms of results, but Moro wouldn't ahve been any more merciful if he had the same powers and circumstances. Toriyama got the inspiration for Goku Black from characters who are presented as evil "copies" of the hero character in classic tokusatsu programs such as Ultraman, Kamen Rider, and Kamen Rider Black. He was voiced by Shin-ichiro Miki who also voiced Mizuki. They then used the Time Rings to travel to when the Super Dragon Balls were usable and used them to give Future Zamasu an immortal body. Villains who aren't revealed to be bad at first,, Self-righteous, arrogant, dark, narcissistic, treacherous, cruel, envious, judgemental, cunning, ruthless, sadistic, vain, hypocritical, racist, dishonest, evil, merciless, fiendish. Zamasu was a Kai that served under Gowasu and once respected his master. He begins throwing miniature suns at Zamasu. Goku Black is a playable DLC character in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 as a pre-order bonus, while Zamasu and Goku Black (Super Saiyan Rosé) are playable characters in the Pack 3 DLC, and Fused Zamasu is playable in the Pack 4 DLC. Beerus Finds Out Zamasu Killed The Gods In The Future! After stealing the it, Black quickly killed the actual Goku, now trapped in Zamasu's body, before mercilessly slaughtering Chi Chi and Goten, after which he went t… His hatred of mortals for perverting and ruining the work of the gods is an interesting take and very different than the "want to rule the universe" goal of past villains. Zamasu was the Zamasu of the future Trunks's world. Kotaku staff praised the design of Goku Black's hair, and consider Zamasu and his incarnations to be "easily some of the best villains in Dragon Ball history". Gowasu then uses the Time Ring to allow him and Zamasu to travel to the future of Babari. "God Split Cut")) as their primary form of attack. Zamasu later suggests to Gowasu that they wipe out the primitive and violent humans on Planet Babari. [36][37][38] The character has received a positive reception, particularly after the full reveal of his backstory and motivations. Antagonists Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Aside from a single gold and green Potara earring on his left ear, he also wears a Time Ring on his right index finger, which allows him to travel between different timelines at will without the need of a time machine, and also protects him from being erased by temporal paradoxes. Goku spars with Zamasu and defeats him. He is the secondary antagonist in "Future" Trunks Arc. MUI Goku would kill Goku Black in seconds, MUI Goku is jawdroppingly stronger than Goku Black to the point Goku black would never be able to utilize his ability to get stronger because, Well he would be dead. A Kai noted as a prodigy and apprentice to the Supreme Kai of Universe 10, Gowasu, Zamasu is first introduced undergoing training to take up the mantle of Supreme Kai in his universe. [34], Zamasu appears as a cybernetic version of his Fused Zamasu form in Super Dragon Ball Heroes, a promotional anime for the Dragon Ball Heroes trading card arcade game. Zamasu's essence then enveloped the Earth and began assimilating the entire universe. He is seen wearing a violet long-sleeved shirt under a gray coat with yellow trimming, itself under a light blue sash. The character has been positively received and is regarded as one of the best villainous characters of the Dragon Ball franchise. Valdez noted that it differs from Nozowa's performance in the original Japanese version, and that Schemmel has twisted his Goku voice to frame the character in a "destructive and disturbing light."[47]. However, this does not put an end to Future Zamasu, who is still working with Black in the future. Zamasu has much more thought put in. Fusion Zamasu took the opportunity to shed his body. Returning to the future, Zamasu returns the earring Gowasu loaned him and debates his master on whether they can learn from mortals. Zamasu responds by telling him that he has repurposed Goku's and the god's sins for a greater purpose. [17][18] Goku, Whis and Beerus travel to the Tenth Universe after the two deities sense the similarities between Black and Zamasu, an apprentice of the resident Supreme Kai Gowasu of the Tenth Universe. In order to be with their friends again, Trunks and Mai traveled to a timeline where Zamasu and Goku Black had not yet attacked to warn the Beerus of that timeline about Zamasu. 18 days ago [29] But the failed attempt to seal Future Zamasu by Trunks and Future Mai and Black being defeated by Vegeta causes the pair to realize they have underestimated their enemies, using their Potara Earrings to fuse into Fused Zamasu. He was the main villain of the Future Trunks arc in Dragon Ball Super, with a plan to eradicate all life and repopulate it with people like himself. Before Zamasu can kill Bulma, Trunks and Mai arrive, and Trunks uses the Mafuba to seal Zamasu in a pot. Goku, Trunks and Vegeta attempted to stop Zamasu using a Kamehameha, Galick Gun and Final Flash respectively, but to no avail. He holds an incredibly black and white viewpoint, believing that the gods are all good, whereas mortals are evil and need to be wiped out for the good of the multiverse. The blades obscure Zamasu significantly on the ground, allowing for ambiguous mix-ups while the opponent is locked down. Both versions of the story result in Goku summoning the alternate future's version of Zeno, who expresses disgust towards Infinite Zamasu and completely wipes him out by erasing the entire multiverse of the alternate future timeline. Shocked at how a mortal like Goku could gain a power rivaling gods (or even obtain such power to begin with) and so recklessly challenge one, Zamasu came to sternly believe that humanity by nature is an evil. ", "DragonBall FighterZ Adds A God And A Goku, And Gets Even Better", "Why Zamasu is the Greatest DRAGON BALL Villain of All Time", "Dragon Ball Artist Imagines Hilarious Aladdin Crossover", "Dragon Ball Super: Top 10 Best Characters Introduced", "Top Ten Most Memorable Dragon Ball Villains", "DRAGON BALL SUPER EPISODE 66: "THE CLIMACTIC BATTLE! However, due to his prodigious fighting skill, he wa… Though Vegito appears to gain the upper hand, the time limit on the Potara earrings Goku and Vegeta used wears off early because of the energy Vegito used, resulting in them unfusing. Similar to his partner, Goku Black, he has a sadistic, merciless, and unpleasant goal of ridding the entire universe of humans in the name of "justice", believing them to be the source of all evil, and he refers to a world without them as a "utopia". After attaining the Super Saiyan Rosé (超サイヤ人 ロゼ, Sūpā Saiya-jin Roze) transformation, his version of the Super Saiyan Blue form (Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan in the anime), Goku Black's hair turns bright pink due to Zamasu's status as a deity. Unlike Old Kai and Kibito Kai, Fused Zamasu does not have a singular voice. I don't own Dragon Ball Super. Goku and his friends later return, having learned the Mafuba technique to contain Zamasu. To complete his plan, he joins forces with that future timeline's version of Zamasu, and uses the Super Dragon Balls to make himself unkillable. The Future Zamasu later appears in Future Trunks's timeline, wearing a green earring instead of a pair of orange ones, giving him the rank of Supreme Kai. Zamasu's defeat at Goku's hands would only further his hatred of mortals. He also gives Zamasu an earring that makes him a Kaioshin, as apprentices cannot go.

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